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# 301

This dress is made of embroidered English net featuring raised, three dimensional roses ca. 1900. The tiers on the skirt continue to the back creating wonderful movement and a modest train. The bodice is accentuated by a lace band detail.
All cotton lace, hand washable, it comes with a silk satin slip
Size 6 (can be adjusted to size 4 – 8). Waist: 28” – 33”, bust: 36”

Price: $3,800



Unique Wedding DressesUnique Wedding Dresses#302

Hand made Belgian appliqué lace ca. 1900. This dress features a draped waist (very flattering) and a bold appliqué lace floral motif.
All cotton lace with a silk satin slip
Size: 6 – 10

Price: $3,600


Unique Wedding Dressque Wedding Dress#303

Embroidered English net fabric ca. 1905. The style of this dress is young and relaxed.. There is wonderful movement to the multi-tiered skirt. The dress looks great with a sash at the waist.,

All cotton lace over silk satin slipSize:6 (adjustable 4 – 8).

Price: $2,400


Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#304

Hand made Battenburg lace dress (hand made in Belgium ca. 1900. The simple, slinky shape of this dress makes is almost modern and very sophisticated while showing off the incredible lace.

Cotton and linen lace with a silk satin slip.

Size 6 (adjustable 4 – 8)

Price: $3,800

Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#305

Hand made French re-embroidered lace ca. 1900eautiful des. This dress is made of most unusual lace-. The motifs are cut, reimbroidered and connected in a very intricate and beautiful design – a real treasure.

All cotton lace over silk satin lip

Size 6 (can be adjusted to 2 or 4)

Price: $3,600

Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#306

Belgian appliqué lace ca. 1920. This lace represents the best of all worlds. It has the romantic softness and flow of the 1900’s, the silhouette of the 1930’s all emphasized by the beautiful cowl neckline (reminiscent of the 40’s).

All cotton lace over silk slip

Size: 6 (adjustable 2 – 8)

Price: $3,800

Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#307

Belgian tape lace on English net ca. 1900. The tape motifs on this lace are outlined and set-off with a cord. This makes the lace “crusty” – the dress has a wonderful weight and is very figure flattering.

All cotton lace over silk satin slip

Size 6 (can be adjusted to 2 or 4

Price: $3,600

Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#308

Embroidered English net with raised three dimensional flower motifs. The higher neckline shows off a beautiful lace medallion pattern. The softness of the shirred shoulders underscores the surprise of the really low back..

All cotton lace over silk satin slip.

Size 6 (size 2 – 8 is possible)

Price: $3,600


Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#309

Belgian appliqué lace ca. 1905. The placement of this lace suggests a figure hugging “bolero” effect. This dress is young and fresh and flirty.

Cotton lace over silk sating slip

Size 6 (2 to 4 is possible)



Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#310

Belgian appliqué on English net lace ca. 1920 The slinky shape and sleeves echo the esthetics of the arte-deco period although the lace seems older. The openness of the neckline makes it seem modern. This is a very sophisticated dress.

Cotton lace over silk satin slip

Size 6 (2 to 4 is possible)

Price: $3,600


Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress

Battenberg lace dress, hand made. This lace was constructed on the bias creating a very flattering silhouette. It is very simple and at the same time very special.

Cotton on silk satin

Size 6 (can be adjusted 2 – 4)

Price: $2,800


Unique Wedding DressUnique Wedding Dress#312

Embroidered English net dress with pink rosettes The cap sleeves and pink flowers, slightly raised waist and flirty flounce in the back make this adorable dress very special.

Price: $2,800





Dress reconstructed from antique lace and embroidery.
Approximately size 6, can be adjusted.
All cotton.




This dress is designed from hand made Battenberg lace.
The Neckline can be made lower in front and back. It has a beautiful
Train which can be bustled if necessary.
Approximately size 6, Can be adjusted.





Our beautiful, antique, lace veils are a perfect complement to our lace dresses. They are also striking when used with modern designs. Each one is unique. Made by hand of hand-made lace at around the turn of the 20th century, they represent the extraordinary craftsmanship of a bygone era. A Belgian, French or Irish lace veil or shawl will transform your wedding dress into something magical.

The color of the veil can be adjusted to coordinate with your dress.

Most are made of cotton or silk.



Long, oval veil with a decorative center panel
Decorated with Belgian lace appliqués.
62” x 110”


Oval veil, embroidered English net
52” x 60”




Belgian hand made appliqué lace over cotton net.
26” x 128”


Oval, long veil. Ca. 1920, point d”esprit with a fine lace edge.
70” x 136”




Square, embroidered English net veil. Elaborate pattern
70” x 66”


Oval appliquéd and embroidered veil
64” x 110”




Hand made lace veil/shawl
18” x 92”


Square veil, re-embroidered English net
72” x 84”




Belgian lace appliqué on center panel.
oval, English net.
76” x 100”


Veil/shawl, scalloped edges, fancy pattern
Hand-made, Belgian lace
29” x 112”




Belgian lace appliqué veil/shawl
18” x 109”


Belgian lace veil ca.1910, point d’esprit with lace at edge.
Comb sewn in.
54” x 155”




Veil/shawl. Brussels point
22” x 100”


Embroidered net veil, square, heavily decorated
46” x 50”




Oval veil, one side straight.
Embroidered net
72” x 110”


Oval Belgian lace veil with point d’esprit all over and
Appliqués at edges and bottom.
136” x 72”




All-over embroidered net veil/shawl
20” x 102”


Irish appliqué lace veil/shawl
26” x 120”




Ca. 1920 Belgian lace veil/shawl
23” x 110”


Square veil, embroidered net
64” x 68”




Belgian appliqué lace veil/shawl
20” x 104”


Long, narrow veil, Belgian lace embroidery
33” x 132”




Elaborate lace veil/shawl
22” x 110”


Chantilly lace veil/shawl, silk
21” x 88”




Chantilly lace veil/shawl, silk
23” x 84”


Chantilly lace veil/scarf
22” x 102”




Chantilly lace veil/shawl
24” x 96”


Chantilly lace silk veil/shawl
2l” x 86”




Ca. 1960’s nylon and lace short veil
38’ long


Ca. 1960’s long nylon and Alencon lace veil
74” long




Square veil, embroidered English net
72” x 74”


Oval veil, Belgian appliqué lace
60” x 72”





Round veil, lace decoration at edge and throughout
85” x 85”


Veil, cotton, Belgian appliqué, center panel
82” x 84”






Cotton, Belgian lace veil, long, point d’esprit and
Embroidered lace edge
58” x 110”

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